Cancer and Heart Attacks Top Health Care Expense

Cancer and Heart Attacks Top Health Care Expense.

Average age for critical illness claims is 48 in the Gulf region.

It has recently been claimed that an increasing number of people in their late forties and early fifties are making critical care claims within the UAE and the wider Gulf Region.

The average age of a critical illness claim in the Middle East is 48 years of age with insurance companies reimbursing millions of dollars for health and care treatment as the key health risks in the UAE and the greater region are cancer followed by heart attacks.  74% of Insurance company reimbursements are for cancer with 38% for heart attacks.  Women received 81% of reimbursements for cancer treatments whilst 58% of men were reimbursed for heart attacks. However, and maybe surprisingly the primary reason of fatality in the UAE, Bahrain and other countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council are accidents !

With the average age of a critical illness claim in the Middle East of 48 years of age and the average age of life cover 50, this can only emphasize the importance for taking out protection early. It also highlights that most people are unaware of the potential health risks and as such there was no Life Insurance or Critical Illness cover in place whatsoever.

Nearly 88% per cent of the customers who suffered from critical illnesses, which includes cancer, cardio-vascular disease, strokes etc. had a coverage of Dh735,000 or less (approximately £160,000.00 or $165,000.00) which sometimes does not cover the cost of debts left behind, or to provide for the family.

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