How to Choose between Term and Whole of Life Insurance.

Life insurance cover

Life Insurance Policies are created to suit different life-styles and circumstances. They are fairly straightforward to understand when you have it clear in your mind what best suits your needs.

Term Life Insurance

This is designed to give you or your dependents a specific sum of money if a specific event occurs – death or terminal illness – within a specified time, which can be anything from one to thirty or more years. You decide how long you want the cover to last. The up side is that this is usually the cheapest kind of life insurance cover you can choose. The down side is that if you are still alive and well at the end of your agreed term, you don’t see any money back.

Whole of Life Insurance

You can expect this type of cover to be more expensive and is often referred to as an assurance policy because sooner or later you will get a payback. In the event of you becoming terminally ill or dying, the people you care about will receive the amount of money due at that time. If your circumstances should change, you may have the option of adjusting premiums, increasing or decreasing levels of cover and even partially withdrawing or cashing in your policy completely thus receiving a lump sum. This may not reflect how much money you have invested but could help you out financially if you hit a particularly difficult time in your life. This is one of the reasons why life insurance counts as a financial asset and holding a life insurance plan can help improve your credit rating,

Choosing a Life Insurance Policy

First consider who or what needs your support. Few people can afford to cover every eventuality so work from the premise of the most important first and then anything else is a plus. Once you have a basic idea in your head, start looking at the options available. Since you are reading this item on the web, you can stay online and start sourcing information right now.

Once you’ve decided whether term or whole of life insurance suits you better, you can focus on the question of what you want your policy to cover. Most people think of the cost of their funeral, mortgage or rent, outstanding debts, family living costs or even the school and university expenses of their children.

The one thing we would advise in all cases is that once you have your information and are happy that it makes sense and gives you the right level of cover, talk to an Insurance Expert. There is nothing like the security you receive from understanding that your Life Insurance policy will actually do what it is supposed to do and more often than not there are questions you cannot get answers to online. At the same time you will be speaking to the person who will take you through the process from start to finish.

Life Insurance is one of the key decisions you make in your life and it’s important you give yourself the best chance of ensuring it’s right. Don’t be afraid to take your time and mull over exactly what you want and what you can afford. It’s your life, your money and ultimately your decision.

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