Remote Advice and Life Insurance: Getting a Life Insurance Policy Post-Pandemic.

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Remote Advice and Life Insurance.

Over the course of the pandemic, working remotely has become the familiar reality. But with lockdowns easing all over the world and people adjusting to the ‘new normal’, there seems to be no end in sight for working remotely. The remote advice market is expected to continue through at least the end of 2020. It is hard to imagine taking advice on a product as important as life insurance without meeting someone face-to-face, but some brokers are adapting to the challenge.

‘Why Now?’

Life insurance recently ranked among the top financial priorities of professionals in the UAE. It’s no surprise given the indiscriminate effects of the Coronavirus crisis. And now is actually one of the best times to get life insurance. Not only are insurers offering new and innovative products to meet increased demand, but many insurers are currently waiving the need for a medical exam in the process of buying life insurance. In normal circumstances, medical exams can be problematic and add a great deal of time to the underwriting process. At the moment, provided you are relatively young and healthy, many insurers don’t require the traditional medical exam.

So, between the increased range of products and the waiving of the medical exam requirement, now is a great time to get life insurance.

What We Have to Say.

‘At IAE, we’re fond of meeting people face-to-face’ says Ian Featherstone, CEO of IAE Insure ‘we’ve really spent the time trying to foster a hands-on and personal approach. However, we’ve managed to adapt to the current circumstances and continue that personal way of conducting business, albeit remotely. We’re well aware that a life insurance policy is one of the most important purchases you will ever make in your life. And, just as with a smaller purchase like a suit, it should fit you perfectly.’

‘It’s been difficult to adjust to the new normal but, at IAE, we have a fantastic team and they’ve been adept enough to continue offering the same quality advice despite working remotely.’

With COVID-19 still fresh in everyone’s minds, more and more people are thinking about the importance of life insurance. ‘We’ve seen a huge increase in enquiries and our quality of service is totally uncompromised by the new way of conducting business’ continues Ian Featherstone. ‘In fact, many insurance providers are coming up with innovative new products to distinguish themselves from others in the crowded marketplace. With some insurers rising to the challenge while others stagnate, it’s never been more important to get expert advice. At IAE, we’re still offering a free, no obligation quote and helping you to navigate the complicated market surrounding one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make.’

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