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Why You Should Have A Life Insurance Policy and Critical Illness Cover.

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Many recognise having a life insurance policy as an essential, ensuring the financial security of your family in case the worst should happen. Of these people there are a huge amount that neglect the importance of critical illness cover. But, when taking out a life insurance policy, critical illness cover really shouldn’t be forgotten about. […]

Starting a Family? Don’t Forget to Think About Life Insurance.

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Starting a family often brings with it a change of perspective. Having a child gives you the opportunity to reflect and recognise what is important in your life. Often, one of the most important things you can do after having a child is revisiting your financial plan. After all, you’ve just added your new child […]

COVID-19 – Protect Your Loved Ones With Life Insurance

covid-19 protect loved ones

During this highly unusual and unprecedented pandemic Covid-19 period, Life Insurance (and Life Protection) in general has been featuring heavily in forums and in the news in general. In order to protect your loved ones against the unpredictable, like Covid-19, having life insurance is invaluable. If your family – or indeed anyone- is dependent on […]