UAE Coronavirus News Roundup – Part Six

uae coronavirus news six

How to Adapt to Working Online During – and after – the Coronavirus Pandemic.

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, everyone has had to face the reality of adapting to managing their finances online. Even insurance policies have adapted so that they are more suited to an online setting. Electronic Insurance Accounts have made it easier to keep a track of and preserve important insurance documents. Investments too can now be managed easily and efficiently through online resources. Read more by visiting this useful article written by our friends at Gulf News.

Expats Leaving UAE in Economic Aftermath of the Coronavirus.

In the aftermath of the Coronavirus, there’s been a mass exodus of expats in the UAE. Many expats are now experiencing the direct economic effects of the pandemic first-hand. Facing redundancies, much of the expat workforce are now selling their possessions to fund trips back to their native countries. With the estimation that the UAE’s economy may take years to recover, the 90% expat population must now decide whether to stay in the UAE or to head home. But, with more job cuts on the horizon, some might not get a choice.

Capital Buffers are Protecting Gulf Insurance Firms Against Coronavirus Related Claims.

The insurance sector is holding up well in the Gulf regions amidst Coronavirus-related claims. Not only is the insurance sector proving to more resilient to the pandemic than other sectors, strong capital buffers are making sure that insurers avoid negative credit ratings. However, this positive news also comes with the urging of caution as a second wave could have more of an adverse impact on the insurance sector in the Gulf. Read more in the Khaleej Times.

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