Your Quick Guide to Life Insurance.

Your Quick Guide Life Insurance. Ian Featherstone of IAE Insure offers a quick insight into Life Insurance and hopefully gets you thinking about why this form of protection is so valuable and why it shouldn’t be treated as an afterthought.

Quick Guide to Life Insurance.

“When I first started working in Life Insurance or Protection over 25 years ago, I was often asked the question “If I die why do I need money?” The fact is you don’t need money when you’re dead but maybe your family does. The children might still in their teenage years? Or maybe your business needs it to continue as you were a key member of the operation? Or your estate needs to pay off debts as you died prematurely? The decision to take out a Life Insurance policy can seem daunting and is often met with confusion and scepticism, so people tend to put it off. Like most things in life, the longer you delay fixing something the more expensive it becomes. Taking out Life Insurance is essential and while it might seem confusing because of the array of options available, taking out cover should be simple. “When you speak to an experienced adviser, they’ll help you understand what cover you need depending on your current life circumstances and your future needs”

Things to Know About Life Insurance.

There are three main types of protection you might take out when looking for life cover:

1. Life Insurance. This type of protection provides a payout if you die.

2. Critical Illness Cover. This type of protection pays a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a life-changing condition like cancer.

3. Total and Permanent Disability Insurance. This covers you when you are unable to work due to sickness or injury.

So, which of these types of cover should you take out?

“As a general rule of thumb if you’re without financial dependents, then income protection and critical illness cover are more important since both offer vital financial support if you suffer illness or injury. However, if you do have financial dependents, Life Insurance is crucial. Many people reach certain “key stages” of their lives such as marriage, having children, getting their dream job or promotion, or even losing a loved one. These events can be a catalyst for re-evaluating what is important and ensuring loved ones are supported when you’re no longer there.”

What else should you know about Life Insurance?  “The bottom line is that if you have financial dependents, you really need to consider Life Insurance!  Life Insurance helps to compensate for the inevitable financial consequences that accompany the loss of life. Life Insurance can help alleviate the costs of final expenses, outstanding debts/mortgages and planned educational expenses. As well as this, it can compensate for the potential income that would have been earned. This affords surviving loved ones the opportunity to properly grieve without the anxiety of financial worries. Life Insurance gives the policyholder peace of mind knowing that their loved ones will be cared for.

When Should I Take Out A Policy?

It’s a common thought that Life Insurance is only necessary for older people. After all, those under 40 don’t pay much attention to thoughts of death or illness. This approach though, obscures the fact that when you are young is the ideal time to take out Life Insurance cover. If you are a younger policy holder, you will find cover at its cheapest since policy holders are less at risk of death or illness. Since debilitating illnesses, accidents, stress-related absences or deaths can strike anyone of any age, is it really worth risking the financial wellbeing of you and your family and paying more than you need to obtain high quality cover?

Life Insurance should be viewed as a risk-management tool for younger people wanting to protect their financial interests and there are advantages to taking out a Life Insurance policy sooner rather than later. Firstly, you’re less likely to develop health conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes. Secondly, the more time passes, the more likely your parents are to develop such conditions and this might adversely impact on the cost of your premiums. Taking out cover earlier allows you to add cover as and when you need it most such as marriage or starting a family.

Taking Out a Policy.

In an ideal world, you’d take out as much cover as and when you need it over the course of your life. This approach though is cost-prohibitive. “Experience has shown “ continues Ian Featherstone, “ that given the cost of insurance you need to look at your particular circumstances and consider what would happen to you and your loved ones if you were no longer able to provide financially for them and start from there.” There are many ways to take out cover and it’s easy to take out a policy online without leaving your sofa. However you miss out on the vital opportunity to consult with an expert who can tailor your policy to your objectives and circumstances. “You need to ensure you don’t miss out on the financial advice, real support and experience of a dedicated professional.”

Online tools can give you a rough idea of a Life Insurance policy cost but there’s nothing like getting the advice of an expert who can walk you through the whole process.  “There’s no difference between the online premiums and those of a “real” broker so why not take the chance to meet with someone who can take the time to understand your needs and run through all your options and concerns. It’s time well spent and can save you time and money in your later years.  After all, acting without being fully aware of the implications could mean that you’re left vulnerable and possibly without life cover.”

Ian Featherstone, CEO of IAE Insure has over 25 years experience in the Life insurance industry.

Published By Ian Featherstone

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