A Step-by-Step Guide on Applying for Health Insurance for Golden Visa Holders.

health insurance golden visa

What is the Process of Applying for Health Insurance for Golden Visa Holders?

The following simple steps can be followed if the applicant already has a UAE Golden residence visa and needs to apply for health insurance.

Step 1: Get the Following Documents Ready.

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Emirates ID

If the applicant is renewing their insurance, they will also need a proof of their previous insurance.

Step 2: Approach an insurance company or insurance broker in UAE through their website. There are approximately 62 insurance companies and over 160 brokers.

Step 3: Provide them with basic information such as name, gender, and age. Applicants might also be asked to fill out a health declaration form or medical underwriting form to declare any pre-existing conditions. As the premium depends on age and previous health conditions, this is compulsory for comprehensive plans.

Step 4: Request for quotation. Applicants will have the option to choose standard policies (covering basic medical needs) or comprehensive policies (health plans that provides broad coverage of a wide range of healthcare services).

Step 5: Application and Policy Issuance.

Processing time for a standard insurance policy is one to two working days if all the necessary documents have been submitted to the insurance company or broker. In the case of comprehensive plans, processing may take five to seven working days, depending on any pre-existing conditions.

Note: Employed staff transferring to a Golden Visa will continue to be covered by their employer’s health insurance policy. Freelancers and individuals residing abroad must still have health insurance valid in the UAE.

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