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A Step-by-Step Guide on Applying for Health Insurance for Golden Visa Holders.

health insurance golden visa

What is the Process of Applying for Health Insurance for Golden Visa Holders? The following simple steps can be followed if the applicant already has a UAE Golden residence visa and needs to apply for health insurance. Step 1: Get the Following Documents Ready. Passport Visa Emirates ID If the applicant is renewing their insurance, […]

Is it Mandatory for Companies to Provide Health Insurance to Both Employees and Their Dependents?

companies provide health insurance

Several Emirates in the UAE have made health insurance mandatory for their expatriate employees, but there are certain rules and regulations regarding the coverage of the employee’s family. “Should a company provide health insurance for an employee’s spouse and children?” In certain Emirates of the UAE, it is required for employers to provide health insurance […]

Tips for HR Professionals on Picking a Group Health Insurance Plan

group health insurance plan

Finding the right health insurance plan for a company can be difficult given that there are many different members who will be affected by the decision. Many parties involved in the organisation are significantly impacted by the medical benefits strategy your firm adopts. Cost control is undoubtedly a motivator for every business owner; however, department […]