UAE Coronavirus News Roundup – Part Three

coronavirus news roundup three

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, it’s been hard to keep up with the constant stream of news – especially with conflicting stories emanating from the wide array of different sources. Here at IAE, we’ve been collecting the most important Coronavirus news stories for our customers in the UAE. The following is part three of our UAE Coronavirus News Roundup.

How will lockdown restrictions be eased in the UAE?

Around the world, people have been awaiting the end of Coronavirus lockdown restrictions. In many places, restrictions are starting to ease and residents are adjusting to a new way of life with many new rules and cultural norms that they are having to adhere to. But what will that look like in the UAE? Gulf News have written the following article to explain how lockdown restrictions are being eased for residents in Dubai.

The ‘New Normal’.

A lot has been said about ‘the new normal’. It refers to the post-lockdown reality that we are all going to have to become accustomed to. But, with lockdown restrictions beginning to ease, are UAE residents already living in the new normal? Read how this might be the case from the anecdotal experiences of Gulf News staff.

Rainy day money saving.

What the Coronavirus pandemic has brought into sharp focus is whether or not we’re prepared for a rainy day. While many have faced pay-cuts or, in the worst cases, a complete loss of income, people’s resilience to financial hardship has been tested. Some have fared well because of having savings to fall back on or alternate financial plans which employ ‘belt-tightening’ measures for when times are tough. Helpfully, Gulf News has written the following guide for saving money in Coronavirus-like times of emergency.

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