UAE Coronavirus News Roundup – Part Two

uae coronavirus news two

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, it’s been hard to keep up with the constant stream of news – especially with conflicting stories emanating from the wide array of different sources. Here at IAE, we’ve been collecting the most important Coronavirus news stories for our customers in the UAE. The following is part one of our UAE Coronavirus News Roundup.

How to save money in Dubai while battling a Coronavirus pay cut.

Saving money in the UAE can be difficult given the high cost of living. However, saving money has become a necessary part of life for many of the UAE residents facing salary cuts as a result of the Coronavirus. There are the obvious extravagances that unnecessary luxuries that can be eliminated from the cost of daily life. But, how can we save on the essentials. Gulf News details how UAE residents can do just that with their helpful guide linked below.

Find out how insurers are handling Coronavirus-related claims.

How are insurers dealing with claims associated with Coronavirus? The National have written the article linked below, explaining how claims relating to the Coronavirus are being handled by health insurers, travel insurers and – most relevantly for IAE – life insurers. To find out more, click the link below.

How are residents’ lives changing in the UAE as a result of Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus is arguably responsible for one of the biggest changes in social interactions in history. As lockdown restrictions loosen and people adjust to the ‘new normal’, how has life been affected in the UAE? And how are UAE residents adjusting to these changes? The Khaleej Times has written the following article, detailing all sorts of changes to work culture, social hubs like shopping malls, social interaction and ways of living. Read it below.

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